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First-episode psychosis

Canadian Mental Health Association
Download A Guide to Canadian Early Psychosis Initiatives and other resources from the ongoing Early Psychosis Intervention project at CMHA’s web site under About CMHA, National Projects.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
A helpful resource that clinicians may want to recommend to family members is the newly released CAMH guide for families, Promoting Recovery from First-Episode Psychosis. Although it was created for CAMH clients and families, it may be adapted for other environments.

Psychosis Sucks
This web site from British Columbia that targets youth features personal stories and resources about substance use and psychosis, harm reduction strategies and popular drugs like crystal meth, as well as recovery information with practical tips, for example, about returning to school or work.
The Nova Scotia Early Psychosis Program of Dalhousie University offers an educational resource called The Sooner the Better: Get Help for Early Psychosis, which includes an information guide, a video that can be viewed on-line and a poster. Multimedia education modules are being developed.

Early Psychosis: A Care Guide
This guide, developed at the University of British Columbia, is available on the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development web site. It provides researched practices with input from experts in treating and assessing early psychosis with the goal of standardizing practice and improving service delivery.

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