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The problem with gambling

cover art by Nadine Espinoza

What’s the pay off?

At the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario, it’s considerable… more»

Rich man, poor man

How Arnie Wexler and Sheila, his wife of 52 years, rode out his pathological gambling and beat the house … more»

Gambling’s crack cocaine

Like substance addictions, video lottery terminals lure in victims and hold them tight… more»

My name is Lisa A.

From not wanting to stop, to wishing she could die, Lisa tells the story of her gambling addictiony… more»

There’s an app for that!

For someone fighting the itch to place a bet, it’s like having access to help on speed dial… more»


Dr. David McKeown, the City of Toronto’s medical officer of health… more»

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note from the editor

This issue of CrossCurrents has been a long time coming, but as the old saw says, leave the best for last… more»

a view from camh

I am saddened that this is the last issue of CrossCurrents, which has been a vital manifestation of CAMH’s commitment to communicate with a wide audience about mental health and addiction issues… more»

research update

Recent studies from around the world… more»


The History of Problem Gamblingmore»

First Person Accounts of Mental Illness and Recoverymore»

Thinkin’ Drinkin’ from the Teen Years Forwardmore»

Recover to Live: Kick Any Habit, Manage Any Addictionmore»

Schizophrenia: A Blueprint for Recoverymore»

Event Calendar

Upcoming events and notices… more»


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